Recent RAINS in Oklahoma have brought us officially out of the drought!!!   All the rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds are full!!!!!   Hope we’ll have a bumper crop of fruit and pecans this year.

If you’ve dreamed of owning a property with a water feature, this is certainly the year to purchase!
We’ve got a lot of inventory AND the water is brimming and ready for all the water activities we all love in the summertime!

This gorgeous property in McCurtain County has a large pond, which is considered a lake.  It was originally constructed by the State as a flood control lake.   Now it’s a great fishing and small boat lake, and there are several building locations where your house or cabin would overlook the water!!

Pick your picnic spot and camp out here until your cabin or home is completed.  This looks like a state park. Open, scattered trees, and some woods – it’s all here.

EINSTEIN APPROVED!!!  “Now, where did those geese go???”


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