Yes, it’s winter, but it’s really a good time to look for and buy ranches, hunting/recreational properties and any real estate involving land!

Why?  Because all the leave are brown, leaves are brown and the sky is gray……….like the famous lyrics, with the leaves gone, brush died down, and no insects to bother you, you can really see what the land looks like!  Not to mention the very low risk of sunburn!

But, baby it’s cold outside… Yes, it is, but if you bundle up appropriately, we can drive the 6-passenger 4 wheeler, bring a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate, and we’ll jing, jing jingle along!

So just because of the weather, be like Frosty!  Bundle up in your hat, scarf and mittens and let’s go!

Postscript:  and no snakes!

Best Wishes for Christmas

Happy Holidays from Chuck and the Red River Family!!!

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