Be Prepared!

Chuck and I have been out snapping photos of property he just listed, and the question What’s in your saddlebag? popped into my mind. Notice I didn’t say what’s in your man purse? Clearly, Chuck carries around small leather saddlebags for a reason! Nosing around when he left them on the trailer by my water bucket, naturally, I was curious. Let’s see, a compass, pocket knife, handkerchief, camera, what???? Baby wipes? Kleenex, tape measurer, something for bug bites, lip balm, a monocle! Random bandaids, leather strings, snacks – wrapped, unfortunately, bug spray, & sunscreen.  That’s a lot of stuff – more than what’s in Grandma’s purse!  I guess if his cell phone or gps give out, that compass will come in handy, or he can just let me take him back… I always know where the trailer is!

Happy Trails,